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USASA @ Welch - 12/18


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So I had my first GS race at Welch on Saturday. I saw Scott, Coach Karl, and some other guys there and had a great time. However, I only did Saturday and GS, not SL, because I must admit that I really don't want to spend $25/race for 2 runs! If I had done all of the races I would be out $78 for the lift tickets and $100 for the races! I don't know how the parents afford it. I would rather do more evenings at Afton with the gates that we can set up, with the help of Scott:)

And speaking of affording things, I saw my first as-it-happened board break when I was on the lift and the rider was below me. It happened on a steep run that I had been on before and knew what the rider was going toward because I had run into the same problem but was ready for it. Most people started the steep on their heelside and then a quick transition to their toe side (regular footed). Once on the toe side you would progress toward what will soon be a quarterpipe(?) and then hit your heel edge before you get to it. However, for whatever reason, there were some speedbump things in the ground, up then down then up then down kind of stuff. Well, this dude had a good toe side carve going, went up, down, up, and the next down he loaded the nose with his weight shift and POP. The dude bailed and I saw the nose flopping right away. Everyone on the lift tht was watching saw it happen and couldn't believe it. Now, I doubt the kid bought it himself because it was a custon Donek with a custom topsheet which I think I heard was brand spankin' new :barf:.

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