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Looking to buy a F2 demo board


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The price is pretty good but I'm worried I'll get another leg-burning power board.

It's a F2 Speedster Equipe, probably a 2008 'RS' based on the 169 length.

I presently run a HotShine 168, super-stiff, super small SCR, the F2 has a 14m SCR (if it's a RS!).

My question is, I'm used to stiff boards, but I'm looking for something that won't be as deadly on my legs when the conditions are rougher (ie ice chunks and generally crappy days). The F2 Equipe are stiff, but are they manageable?

I have no problems with the Hot on good days, but when the going gets rough and I'm faced with constant edge chatter, my thighs and back feel like calling it a day after 2 runs...


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The F2 I was looking at was only riden 4 times, and is on sale for 399$ Canadian, hence the reason I'm not looking at any Coilers in the present time (even though I wish I could have Bruce's High-school's Girlfriend!).

I've learnt Alpine Boarding on a Factory Prime and a PJ (hence the fear damaging/bending/delaminating soft boards).

weight: 185lbs

Burton Reactor

Catek OS

Will try to find some TD2 or 3 with Medium rubbers...

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