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Orange Indies Cheap 27.5


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These boots are in good shape with one issue. Tongues got pretty warm at SES last year. I remember picking them up one morning and thinking "Boy, these things got toasty last night, better keep them further away from the heater. A few weeks later I was looking at them going WTF? Then I remembered SES. The top of the tongues (The soft rubber portion) has melted a little. I never noticed it riding, finished out the season with them. However, I have to consider it damage, hence the price. $100 SHIPPED lower 48.

For those of you that have noticed my thread about the Indie with the busted pivot point, these are not the boots. The second picture shows the damaged 26.5 next to the 27.5s I'm selling.

After previewing the post I see you need to open the 3rd picture in word to see the front view which shows the tongue damage. (I put it in word to add arrows and text boxes) As you will see, it's minimal.

Tongue damaqge.doc



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Wineguru has claimed first dibbs. I'll keep the thread open till the deal goes through.

Hilux, don't know the history, bought them used. I want to say the first owner molded them once, so they have been molded twice. They look in much better shape than my 26.5s, but there's nothing wrong with the 26.5s (except the little pivot issue) Pretty bullet proof boot. I've put hundreds of days on the 26.5s.

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