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Is this normal?


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Ya, i think it is. I go from a 184 race stiff board. to a 163 freeride board. Still using hardboots. They both go fast. To me it takes 2 or 3 runs on the freeride board, to realise that it's wider, and shorter. That it can't handle the long carve, like the 184.

I think they are both fun to ride though.

just my two cents.

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After riding a burton speed 160 for a while, then switching to a board I would use in the park.

Is it normal to hate the feel of a freeride/park board compared to the feel of the carving/race board?


for people here it is, sometimes I'm that way but when I was riding daily and part of my job was riding I was just as comfortable on either. doing both assuming you have the time to do so makes you better rider too.

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Be careful riding a standard board. You will be carving it on hero and then hit hardpack and die! I've had my worst wrecks carving a freeride board in softies. They just don't have the edgehold.


I use my softboard for jumps and spins, that's it. I used to think it was "awesome" for carving now I think it sucks haha. I only use the soft setup when I am with friends who can't keep up with the carving board.

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