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Think my boots just died


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There are two cuff cant assemblies on those Indy's. One is adjustable and one is fixed (riveted). Go here to see the adjustable one:


If it is the fixed one we also have those they are just not on the website. It is the rivet assembly and a new washer. Only trick is you have to peen the rivet over to get it to work. Any boot repair shop should be able to do this for you. Or can be done yourself if you are good with a hammer and a backer to roll over the rivet. Just write Michelle and ask for the "fixed" pivot assembly for the AF series boots.

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Right on Fin! You the man! Bet some stout vice grip C clamps will peen that thing. Not a lot of room for a hammer. I get parts in hand I CAN do this.

Having somebody jury rig something just didn't sound like the right thing to do.

Thanks to everybody that replied.


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Actually it's a 5/16 tee nut and bolt. Almost a perfect fit in the boot. A couple wraps of metal tape and it was a smooth push fit. The whole thing took less than an hour to do. Note the Tee nut does NOT have tangs on it. It can pivot just like the rivet did. I had to shorten both the Tee nut and the bolt. Cleaned them up really good and glued them together with blue loctite. I think this fix is more robust than the factory assembly.

Thanks to all that helped me make this happen!





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