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Jan 2 2011 BBBBQ (big bear barbeque)


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Hey all,

planing to have a 2 days after New Years carving BBQ at our place in Big Bear.

Just like last year's end of season feast, everyone is welcome. Figure we'll board till we're good and hungry, then eat and consume various beverages to our hearts content.

Let's hope we'll still have snow by then, otherwise it will be skateboard time.

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Yeah, hopefully we get some snow by then...

Snow Summit is closed until further notice... Too much rain and warm weather.


And the season had such a promising start too... truly sad. Mammoth and June are getting pounded though. I'm very tempted to do a quick 2-3 day trip up there and just sleep in my truck since I'm sort of being a cheap ass this season... hahaha

I wonder if I'll die. i have a really nice 15F rated sleeping bag... :lol::lol:

I guess the worst that could happen is needing to take a massive dump in the middle of the night...

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I think there should be a number of us (or at least a few of us) on Jan 2 (Sunday). Season pass is good again, for those of us that have one, and I believe non-holiday rate (can't confirm this one though).

I'm probably a no go for the later January dates unfortunately. I should probably have doctor's clearance to go back on the slopes by the end of Jan i'm hopping.

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