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Paoli Peaks 2010/2011


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Paoli has 4 to 5 feet of base! A record for them on opening day.

Corduroy everywhere. It was great! Going back tomorrow! :biggthump


Ran the new (to me) 169 Donek I bought from Adam Smith.

Felt great. Thanks Adam as both boards are in great shape! :)



~22stance width


PS- I'm so retro with the Cateks and the board... maybe I should make myself a plate... git' with the times. :D

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Ran the race board (Liberation) Wednesday night NASTAR 57F/54R...

I guess 19.5 is too narrow for me I just feel so much better with a lower stance angle.

Back on the Donek 169 tonight for Friday night NASTAR 48F/42R...

Wow that feels sooo much better. Set my low handicap of the year on a really tough course. The snow (6" natural yesterday) and cold temps (-11C/-13C) made the conditions fabulous.

Must sleep.

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Ran the gates tonight... sucked.

Rear binding came loose... forgot tools... had to hike to car.

Switched angles... just was never comfortable.

Snow was strange tonight some type of sticky man-made powder...

I'm thinking plate... DIY plate. Seasons 1/2 way over must get busy!!

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I went back to the narrow (19.5) Liberation today for Saturday NASTAR.

57F 6 0 cant -54R 3 .25 outward cant

So different running on this board. Times were good... felt good. I think I'll stay with the Liberation for the rest of the season. Must work on that high angle stance.

Back at Paoli for Sunday NASTAR tomorrow.

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Won't be posting any content here anymore. If you want to contact me my information is in my profile. I'll be posting to my blog (lonbordin dot blogspot dot com) and some in the NASTAR forums. Feel free to PM me.

I'm at Paoli Peaks almost every NASTAR race. Check Paoli's website (paolipeaks dot com) for the dates and times. Love to meet up with fellow carvers and racers...

If the USASA ever has a GS event under 5 hours away I'll be there as well.

I need the competition. :rolleyes:

I'm sure I'll run into some of you now and again in the classifieds.

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