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Boot Stiffness comparison between Deeluxe Track 225 and 325


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I’ve been using a pair of old Raichle SB boots(6yrs), need new ones! Looking to choose between this year’s Track 225 and last year’s 325.

According to the “Deeluxe Alpine Boots” comparison chart on http://www.yyzcanuck.com/snowboard_tech.htm the 325 has the same plastic-specs as the 06/07 Indy’s or the 07-09 T700’s.

I know that the shell design is different on the 325 as oppose to the 06/07 Indy’s or the 07-09 T700’s.

So, my questions is how much stiffer is the 325 than the 225?

Is the 325 closer to the 07-09 T700’s or closer to the 225?

Any other aspects of the two boots that are worth mentioning/comparing?

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Sort of wondering the same thing. I think my Indies are shot, thinking about some 325s. Wonder how different they will feel. Has anybody RIDDEN them side by side for comparison? (And I don't mean a different boot on each foot! :freak3:)

After much researching I came to the conclusion that 325 might just be too stiff for me. I read too many stories when people were comparing the 325’s stiffness to the 700.

I went ahead I ordered the 10/11 225T, I’ll report back n a couple of weeks how it pans out.

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Take it fwiw

I'm 215lbs and normally ride UPZ RTRs with the stiffer (grey) tongue. I've replaced the liner with thermos so e whole boot might be light an RTR with black tongue and flo liner.

I ordered the 10/11 Track 225Ts as an AM surfy kind of boot. For the application I ordered them for they are great. That being said at my weight they aren't a hard carving boot. To me they feel more like a soft boot. If I leave them unlocked i can't do anything in them. Lateral siffness is perfect for what I want, and when locked they are soft enough flexing forward that I can absorb landings.

I've got a buddy around 165 who rips in 325s


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