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Help me choose a new logo for exoticboards


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I'm with Neil,

Boring. Font logos are so overdone and just blend into a minusha of stock imagery we're surrounded with.

I think you have ony two options with that name. The erotic image, most likely female, however there's a fine line between taste and sexism, and most women would likely see it as the later regardless. Parents would shy as well.

Exotic wildlife would appeal to all, especially any avid outdoor enthusiast. e.g. a Black Panther with those piercing green eyes, Bird of Paradise, Snow Tiger, (risk of plagerizing Volkl), or even many different ones for the model / target customer. The Momba for the free carver, the Cheetah for the WCR, the Snow Monkey or Yeti for the AM, The Narwhal for the POW board, the possibilities are endless.

Added perc, let some proceeds benefit a worthy Wildlife Organization...CaChing!

Good Luck!

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what if you took the coolest snowboard shape you have (I'm thinking maybe a swallowtail or something?), and write the logo in there? I think incorporating a snowboard into the logo would satisfy the above 2 posts (which I am in partial agreement with).

If I had to choose, it would be between #41 and #121

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