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where is that youtube video?


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gah - I cannot find it and I've been searching for 20 minutes now.

It's a carving video, but it's older. There is a guy with a mullet, I think, and he is in some crazy 80's ski outfit and riding a carving board. He has like a german or austrian accent (I think, it's been a while since I saw it) and he says something along the lines of,

"it's great, ice or snow, you just carve carve carve and no slipping"

"carvey carvey carvey!"

then some news guy interviews him or something.

Someone has to know what I'm talking about hahaha :lol:

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yes this is exactly what I was looking for. haha. actually I'm sad now, because he DOES do what I thought he does in this video, which is face completely forward but get those quick turns out of his board. I cannot do that, I have to be somewhat "hips squared to the bindings angle, not the board." I don't get enough movement out of my ankles I guess? much to study...

That apocalypse one makes me laugh. 1:45?? lol

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