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Prior WCRM 183 $450 Shipped


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This WCR Metal was purchased from the Prior board rack as a demo but was not really ever used. Chris said he built it for himself so it has a little wider stance, not the standard stance width. It will go from 18" to 23".

The top and base are in excellent condition with minor discoloration from the bindings. Camber is also huge.

I have used this board lightly over the last couple seasons and it has never been abused. He's a chance for someone to try a great Prior Metal at a price significantly lower than new.

Specs are pretty much the same as the latest boards with the exception being this board has a 13 meter SCR. Newer ones are now 14 meters. 195 waist.

Great riding board.



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I've had several emails asking if I would consider a lower price. My answer would be no, not at this time and here's my reasoning. Prior sells this board for $1000. If you can find it used on the Prior site, it might be $500 (there's one there now- a 177) then you have shipping on top of that and shipping from Prior is almost $50. If you pay with Paypal, I am charged 3%. There's $12 I lose already.

This is a great board that I have kept in very nice condition. There are no base gouges, dings or anything else to mar it. I feel I have priced it fairly. I did try to do a search on Bomber to see if I could come up with a price that others have sold for but could find none.

So, I am keeping the price where it is for now. If it doesn't sell, I may reconsider.

Thanks for your interest.


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The board was built in '08. I rode it along with a 4wd that season and last year it was in rotation with a WCR glass board. Ridden primarily in the morning when the runs were groomed and then I switch to soft boots. Just trying to give you an indication of the time spent on it.

Looks like you could use a Prior to round out the quiver. ;)

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