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A Thank You, and a Question


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First and foremost: many thanks to Michelle for helping w/ my TD3 SW order. For some reason, I had trouble placing it on the site-most likely due to operator malfunction.

As to the question-I plan on getting a new board after the holiday period, and am thinkng of either a Prior WC Metal, or FLCM.

My home hill is Stratton, Vt.(mainly packed groomers-have a 4WD 169 for soft days), and I'd rate myself as an advanced intermediate rider.

So, which board, and which length-173, 0r 177?

Btw, I'm just south of 160#, and am well north of 30 years.

Any suggestions/comments welcome.

Tx, Murphy12.

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If you have the 169, I would say definetely go 177. I have a 177WCRM and wish I had gone to the 180 models. (Racer here)

The 169 is closer enough to the 173, don't think you'll really find it rides much different except for construction and maybe a small change is radius.

My $.02

Ps: I weigh 170 w/ gear and find it stiff enough. With a Vist plate it does stiffen up more and likes to run wider turns. Dont think thats in your plans though.

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murphy12, I would look at the specs for the boards. The Prior 4WD will have completely different specs, which means it will ride differently than an FLC or something else you are looking at. Also, the 4WD has a static side cut and the FLC has a variable side cut - huge difference.

I wouldn't go too large if you are riding on the east coast where the runs tend to be narrower, and more people to use as gates. Make sure whatever you decide it is something you are comfortable navigating through this kind of terrain.

Feel free to call/email me with questions.

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I ride a Prior 187wcrm wide, brand new this year. So far 7 days all at Cannon. The runs are narrow and firm...I love this board. It will take wide slow turns, but if you get on it and get into turns early it will rip even on narrow trails...even at speed. Don't be afraid of a long board. These metal boards are made to handle mixed ice conditions and dampen the ride. The slightly decambered nose feels like it extends the board in turns but shortens when in transition, allowing for faster edge to edge. Glad to let you try it if I hit southern VT.

As for Prior...I can't say enough about the quality of the product or how easy these guys are to deal with. Emailed me throughout. The board was built for me and took about 3 1/2 weeks to ship...mid summer. Reasonable price for this kind of work, even discount on new TD3's. Might have pics of the board if you want -rich

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