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signed up for ECES...now what?


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Yea baby!!! The girlfriend and I are going to ECES, who gets paid for this thing? Do I pay the mountain directly or is someone a go between?

We're gonna be lookin' for some roommates for WED- SAT. People who are kinda laid back and close in age (early 30's) who still want to party! (just not till dawn)

Let me know, if any one wants to carpool too. we live in Nashua NH

Can't wait!!!

(Sorry Billy I don't have the cash to come see ya again this year :( )

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Guest Marilyn Cambers

contact mellow yellow, see a few links below! - we are trying to get a condo together for ECES - would be cool!! However, Ihave no idea where Nashau NH is?! Sooooo Sorry..!....

Marilyn ;)

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Accomodations are made directly with Sugarloaf. 1-800-THE-LOAF. There are group rates for the ECES, so you will need to mention that you are part of the event. There is also a party/raffle on Friday night, $30 per person. Pizza buffet, bar, custom snowboard giveaways, bindings and much more. See www.eces.us for all the details.

-Ken B

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