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Utah Ticket Deals?


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If you're an REI member, you can get discount passes there too. There's one not too far from the mouth of Big Cottonwood Canyon.

Snowbasin isn't open yet - not enough snow:mad:

Powder Mountain has nights open (starting at 4:00 PM), but only Sundown lift (mostly green circles).

Rode Brighton yesterday (and last Thursday). FUN, nobody there (Monday, of course), good coverage, VERY good carving conditions, everything open - probably your best call right now. $41 - full day, $35 - half day (still not too bad). Like anywhere, weekends can be a bit crazy.

Solitude opened last Friday - don't know about its status. I think the Bird is open as well now. Don't know about PC/Canyons.

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Bring your Coiler AM (yeah, saw it in your profile:D ) and you'll be golden! Looked at Solitude on the way up there yesterday and was tempted - but decided against it. It's also a fun mountain to carve and is typically less crowded than Brighton (unless it's a demo day or some crap like that - stay away!).

How long are you in town for? I have stuff on Sat and Sun, but off work on Monday. If you're around, e-mail me and I'll meet you somewhere.


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Canyon sports has discount tickets, a few locations:


Ski Connection also has discount tickets:


I believe Breeze/Max also has discount tickets - the locations very close to resorts, or at resorts will not have them though, only locations in town....

P.S. The Cottonwood resorts pretty much always have more snow than the Park City resorts...

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