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Mt. Hood race camps

dr. sandman

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I know it's a bit early, and I also posted on tahoecarvers.com, but:

Any suggestions: I'm looking for a quality (and relatively reasonable?) race camp that my 16 y.o. daughter and I can go to this summer (go figure, I'm not real gung-ho about sending my daughter off by herself to a camp!) If any one has any experience with any of the camps that would accommodate dad & daughter, or any suggestions I would appreciate it.

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Guest Randy S.

If you can connect with snowcoach (Mark Harris) who posted above, you'll be in great hands. I went to a snowperformance carving camp where he coached and he is awesome.

I certainly understand your hesitation about sending her to camp alone. It seems a lot of the camps up there just teach kids how to smoke cigs and act cool. That said, I'm certain there are lots of good camps and much of the kid experience depends on their own maturity.

Lisa Kosglow (worldlocals@yahoo.com) and friends will probably be running their camp in Chile again next summer. If you can afford the time and travel costs, that would be a great program for your daughter. If they do a kids camp again, I'd suggest she would probably be fine going to that without you. Lisa and Tyler are very responsible and take good care of the kids there. They should have a web site up before too long. It will be at WorldLocals.com

You might also look into posting this question on the USASA site. www.usasa.org. I don't have much more info for you, and don't have any experience with the Hood camps other than snowperformance (which was good).


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