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Sun Peaks Carve Camp


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A reminder that we are a little over one month out from the Sun Peaks carve camp. So far we have 8 folks registered with skill levels from newbies through all mountain rippers, so we will definitely have at least two coaches. We also have had lots of inquiries, so if you are interested in attending, please let us know as soon as you can so we can get a good head count for coaches, accomodations, etc. The camp


* 4 nights accommodation slide in- slide out hotel.

* 4 day lift pass

* Coaching in highly personalized groups

* Freecarve and race training

* Private course with timing and snowboard panels

* Daily Digital Video analysis

* Stance and alignment analysis

* Free demos from Donek Snowboards and Bomber bindings

* Evening tuning clinic

* Italian night out dinner

Again, full details can be found on the snowperformance

site. If you have more questions please call Gavin at 253-569-3713 and be sure to ask about the early registration discount. Hope to see you on the hill at Sun Peaks.



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heh, lonerider...you always have this incredibly detailed response.

guilty conscience?

:) totally just messin, dude.

as far as cutting expenditures go:

I dont eat out but maybe once a month max

I dont drink coffee

I drink beer maybe twice a month

I dont buy retail music (fcking ripoff)

I do have a gf but Ive been with her so long...well...she has a job, she can buy her own s--t (altho I did just buy her a board boots and bindings in the hopes that she'll get into carving)

anyway...some of yall are goin to SES too, right? FUDGE!:)

ok...off to go do the one thing I DO do regularly: play some pool

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Originally posted by trailertrash

i see the registration form but no price for the clinic. how much is the clinic at the ses and what day is it?

Still working out the details. We ran intro to carve and skill builder clinics during last year's SES day at A Basin day at no cost. It would be nice to at least get comped for the lift tickets, but my primary concern is to ensure that we get a release form signed for liability reasons. I have to talk to Fin, Michelle & Sean about that. Plan is to have the info placed on the SES page NLT mid December.

Mailed my registration form and check yesterday!

Very cool- the more the merrier. That makes it nine and I hope we will have an even dozen.

had never actually heard of sun peaks. looks good on paper!

Actually, its alot better on snow. I am admittedly a bit biased but really believe the hill is great for us alpine types.


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yeah, it looks very much like a carvers mountain, but with some decent powder terrain too

I was on a road trip through kamloops once...had no idea actually. GORGEOUS area, though. makes my heart flutter thinking about it.

Revelstoke was awesome too. I want to be a canadian:)

its so hard seeing all these beautiful places...want to be in all of them at once!

I just might have to drop 99.9% of my possessions and pick up an affordable RV some day and just cruise everything. wouldnt that be an adventure!

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