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Snowing in Mass


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Guest Ghostrider

Its Snowed to the North...Snowed to the West....Snowed to the East....Snowed to the South...


Its been sunny for a week and I've got sun in the forecast for 7 days!!!


Isnt Michigan supposed to be grey and miserable? What gives?!

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You've got a brand new rustproof TI bike and a little rain and snow is going to keep you off the road?

Here's bravery for you. October in Ireland. Not twenty minutes after this pic was taken we got drenched by the most amazing downpour I've ever seen. If just doesn't rain like that in California.:D

Fantistic trip regardless of the wet. I can't remember having so much fun on a bike...


Obligatory Flat Repair picture.


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I know what you mean about mixed emotions. The driver in my says "well, arse, now the roads will be terrifying." but the snowboarder in me jumps up and down like a giddy schoolgirl.

The snowtires went on last night, finished in the dark, final torque-down was this morning, in the early-snowrain. How's that for good timing?

Where's Lynn Woods? (don't say Lynn.)

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Mark, you are a brave man indeed. With those sheep paths that pass as roads, the changes in elevation and the locals who've had one too many Guinness, biking in Ireland is for not for the weak.

In the Wicklow Mtns, I witnessed an accident where a cyclist got wiped out by a tour bus. Luckily, the guy saw it coming and bailed into the bushes. Minor cuts and bruises. The bike though was trashed.

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