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Mammoth Thanksgiving weekend!!??


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Originally posted by Wolfman

Hey guys,

Anyone wanna join me carving in Mammoth after Thanksgiving?

There are not a lot of carvers out there. People still think I lost one of my skis on the way down when they see me waiting in the lift lines.

See ya.:p

Wolfman, first post, WELCOME!

Many of us go to Mammoth quite often. You are correct, not really a lot of carvers up there,

but some are really good... we always have a great time...

Would be a pleasure to ride with you! Will be there Thanksgiving... See ya!


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Well, it is a start, at least it is gonna be the three of us.

Thanks for welcoming me to the forum.

Where I come from you see carvers all over the place. (Europe)

So it would be kinda cool to meet new friends and tear up the runs.

Guess I see you guys out there.:D

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Checking the weather forecasts these last couple of days.

Small clouds, but mostly sunny. Highs in the 40's during the day. Friend of mine went last weekend and he said it was pretty cold on the mountain.

So its looking good.

See you guys out there.:p

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I was up a little over a week ago and I ran into five other carvers, one of which I have ridden with at June. Was only able to make one run with them before they stopped for lunch:( Its always more fun to ride in a group. It sounds like it will be very bussy this weekend (Thanksgiving is typically one of the bussiest). Make your turns early to avoid the 405-like-traffic conditions. Traffic or not would love to be up carvin with you boys, but couldn't make it this time. Possibly later. Happy turns.

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