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What's open at Tahoe?


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Originally posted by oldvolvosrule

Trikerdad, you might want to post this question over at www.tahoecarvers.com. There are many people over there who have been to the Tahoe area many times this year so far. Lots of good folks there too, alot of the guys there post here too.

I think you have to register to view/post... so for simplicity...

Kirkwood, Boreal, Squaw, and Alpine Meadows are all open this coming weekend... however I think only Kirkwood is actually opening Thursday and Friday. Most of the resorts will be fully open starting November 20th.

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Guest Randy S.

Alpine and Squaw are open top-to-bottom on the North Shore, but I think only weekends right now. As lonerider said, K-wood is going to open tomorrow through the weekend. You might check www.skialpine.com or www.squaw.com to see if they'll be open for the holiday. Most every place will be open full time starting Thanksgiving.

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