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What was I thinking sale!!!


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I am forced to get rid of some of these in order to relinquish my place in "ECCENTRICS I'VE KNOWN, 1995 to 2004" under the Snowboarder Chapter.

I don't know if these picture are going to come out so email me if they don't or you have any questions. I did not run for the President of the United States this year, so I potentially have some credibility.

Oxygen KR 156 New minor rack scuffs $120

Burton Ultra Prime 169 2 very small creases bdg marks 175

Oxygen F167 Scuffs top & bottom quick grind will fix 120

Winterstick Cirque 158 New 150

Rossi A 153 New 85

Burton E-Deck 148 New 125

Nail Speedball 157 New rack scuffs 110

Airwalk 157 2 runs 100

Burton Alp 150 New 150

Oxygen Proton 149 New rack scuffs 100

Oxygen APX 158 New 175

Will have another list with bindings and scruffy boards.

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Any of these boards a good ride for a new rider? I am fairly aggressive, have been snowboarding regularly for 12 years, and pick up new sports pretty quickly. I weigh 150 and am 5'9. I am also just looking for something to go rip groomers on early when it is firm out.

Thanks for any reccomendations!

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I'll try and post some pictures as soon as I get some help. This is apparently harder than I thought. Something about knowing what you're doing.

I can however send pictures to individual emails, so let me know what you might want to look at. Also have a group photo of the boards that I know I can send right away.

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Boards all depend on what exactly you want to do.

Have you been on plates before?

What kind of angles are you going to use?

How firm is firm, pertaining to snow conditions?

I'm also 5' 9" and 150 lbs.. I've been riding plates for 7 years, but have a different purpose than most of the guys on this site. I use a shorter fairly stiff board for bumps and steeps off-piste and only the occasionaly carving, while I'm in the Seattle area. When I'm in Duluth Mn, then it's only carving on 550 vert of hardpack.

I found I couldn't get the 169 Ultra Prime to flex enough for me, and same with the F2. So I'm using shorter boards and a lot of them for off piste.

If you're going to try staying just on the groomers, I might suggest the Nale Speedball, or the Oxygen KR 56C. These should give you a pretty good intro into carving. Both of these are new boards. and should make for some pretty tight quick turns. The Oxygen APX 158 would be a little bit wider with a little more versatility as far as going off-piste. The Airwalk Force 157 may be another choice for the same reason.

I'd stay away from the other boards for a first time carver. Some are a bit too small, and the Ultra and F2 are a bit too long (I think)

I'll be glad to chat with you, or send pictures.

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