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Lo all,

New to the carving scene. :D Looking around for a package. So far just seeing pieces on ebay. If anybody has a set of hard boots/board/bindings they want to package up get let me know what the specs are and what you're looking for it. Doesn't have to be brand new but nothing ancient/Asym...I just bought an older 156 F2 Beemer Asym at the Ski Swap not knowing any better, shoulda read up first, but luckily I did not spend much.

Here's my specs:

5'6" 155lbs

26cm Foot Length, FYI my foot is wider than normal (10.25cm), so I had to go up a size on my soft boots (I wear size 9-10 shoes normally, depending on the brand).

I appreciate your time in helping me out.

John :cool:

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Got a Hooger - Tuned 167 (Last year they made boards). I rode it one season. I was sposored by the local Cali Hooger rep for three years then switched to Burton as an ambassador rider. It's in pretty good shape topsheet and base is fine (black electra 4000). I'm your size and this board is a blast to ride. It does demand good carving form, don't relax on it! Camber is very good and I had snowpro bindings on it (no bindings now). I also have a pair of size 26 Mondo Point Burton Reactor boots (Blue and white, 4 micro buckles and a power strap, forward, lateral and flex adjustable) Get a superfeet footbed for them and you're in business. Make me an offer if you're interested.

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