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Raichle/deeluxe heel toe pads..solution


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I may have found a solution to the "leprosy" that rapidly develops on the raichle heel n toe pads if you walk more than a 100 meters .

I have tried the skiers cattracks but found they pop off due to the heel bevel on board boots,

So was in the Lee Valley Tools and came across the Icers, think of a vibram sole Teva idea for under the boot with metal traction studs. Bought the larges which seem to be the ideal length for size 28s, may have to add some extra velcro to the instep strap, but they have survived stomping around on the living room carpet, they even come with precurved on the end to match the boots heel/toe bevels.

Only disadvantage I can think of is a bit to bulky to put in pocket when riding.

Will give update on how they work in actual field conditions when the season starts for me in two weeks.

Does anyone have a better less bulky solution, ie a source of the dalbello/blax/line/head heels that seem to be made of a black rubber that didnt disintegrate the minute you stepped on it, ( have discovered the blax toe pieces dont work on raichles but the heels do {intec compatible})

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get booted up in the chalet instead of walking through parking lot

or park slopeside and walk on snow only

I do know how soft the pads are. Even following my own recommendations I had to replace mine mid season. not even a full winter's use. they were covered by warranty though. I think I'll order some sets to have ready for this season. They're not overly expensive.

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I am guessing there are plenty of the original heels laying around in garage junk drawers. With all the step-in deciples here you should have plenty of cheap heel replacements for years to come. Just walk on them and say "What the". Dragging boots around is a pain , be on the first chair instead!! My 2 cents.

Got any old snowboards stuff? Trade you some nick nak for a pair of NOS Heels. www.oldsnowboards.com

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