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boot cant

John K

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Hey John, I found these in a pair of way old Raichle 124s. They look like the standard cant adjuster, but instead of the toothed adjuster, they have a slider with an elastomer bumper. I've not ridden with them installed yet, but I imagine they will allow for a much softer side flex.

I doubt they are available as replacement parts, but if you see an old pair of "pre-intec" 124 Raichles at a swap meet, you might get lucky...


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On the back foot, it doesn't make much difference because the cant mec is always on the outside. (No reason to be in the backseat of your board)

On the front foot, it's a no-no because as your weight shifts to 10:00 (if you're regular) you want quick response. The the cant mec loose, you'll end up way too far forward when you boot finally starts applying pressure.

But....it depends upon your cant/lift as well.

Many guys routed the cant on their ski boots to get more flex...but not really necessary with "snowboard" boots.....

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