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Threedom Pass Carpool for Winter 2004-5?

Guest Frappe

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I'm sure I'm not the only one here in New England that got a Threedom pass this year. And I'm assuming most of us will be free weekends-only to go and make good use of them.

So here's the idea:

Is anyone interested in setting up a carpool and/or ride-sharing group on weekends, to head up to Loon, Cranmore, or Waterville, split the cost of a hotel room (or however that wants to be organized. People want their own room, that's fine. I'm always happy to share a room to keep the cost down.), and then head back to either our respective homes or close enough to get the rest of the way.

Maybe it makes sense to all meet somewhere (Train Station would make sense. Take train in, meet there, take train back?).

I'm thinking out loud here, trying to see if there's a good way to get the most out of our Threedom passes, meet other carvers out there, and save some money/gas all at the same time.

Anyone interested?

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I've got a threedom pass and go every weekend to Loon. I live about 20 minutes from the mountain so I won't be carpooling with you, but it would be great to meet up and ride with other carvers. :cool:

I'm usually riding solo or cruising the trails with my skier wife.

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