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Went thinking it would be glazed over melted snow but it was perfect groomed cord about 2.5 inches deep with a firm base. I only rode Flying Goose as I was short on time due to going to ECES this week. I heard the rest of the mountain was the same, however I left at 9:30 so it cold have gone downhill quickly.

I have not ridden with another carver yet this year! Actually been spending time with a free-heeler from the office who only rides on Saturdays.


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Yesterday we had wet snow for most of the afternoon, about 1/2 inch, might have been more up on the mountain there was more at my house then here at the office and I'm only about 200 feet higher.

Today Friday is supposed to clear up with some sun this afternoon.

I was supposed to ride Goon today but too much work piled up. I'm going to ride a couple hours after lunch today at soonipi and will post conditions upon my return to the office.

This weekend calls for sun to start Sat. with increasing clouds and rain coming late in the afternoon to early evening.

Sunday looks like the reverse with rain in the morning with possible breaks of sun in the afternoon.

We are in the downward spiral now. Only a big dump of heavy wet will better the snow quality and maybe if it went back to 20 deg day and Zero nights.


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