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CNN Article - Tyler Jewell - How Olympians Pay the Rent


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My coach P. Thorndike, Tyler Jewell all worked at Home Depot. What is the deal with these guys and having this job? It must be a NewEngland thing I guess. Personally I find it funny as hell.:lol:

As a former long track speedskater myself who trained alongside national team members, I learned that Home Depot used to have a program in which they gave U.S. national team athletes jobs where they could work around their training and travel, and would also get health insurance coverage (which is a huge deal when you are constantly riding that fine line financially). I think they stopped the program at some point.

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The program is like 33yrs old and was just ended this year. They are hoping to get it back up and running in the near future. It is a nationwide program and has been the largest in the country helping more top athletes in many sports than any other program. Several friends were a part of the program here in CO.


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