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Carving conditions in Southern VT???


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I'm planning to come up to Stratton/Okemo on Monday and Tuesday but I'd really like to get an honest and firsthand opinion of the actual carving conditions up there. I know they got a ton of snow last week but it also looked like they got a full day of rain on Thursday and part of Friday. The resorts are reporting "packed powder", but I don't feel they are a very trustworthy source. So can anyone tell me is it good, bad, somewhere in between? Thanks.

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It's sick at Killington right now... can't vouch for further south. The hill did not get that much rain, maybe like a 1/4" at the bottom, and all it did was squash the 54" of fluff down a bit. Rain mainly stayed below 2000'. I'm quite happy! :D

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I heard from a reliable source it was a tad foggy and warm today, but the snow was "nice".

I know Jiminy in Mass was really crappy in the first runs, but rapidly got packed down and amazingly grippy and by 11 am was superb for railing turns. I can only assume Stratton was somewhat similar once the fog lifted. Warm temps will make it nice this week with the random skied-off patches of boilerplate to just watch out for.


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Thanks for reports.

Since I'm back now, I thought I'd give my own report too. I went to Okemo on Monday and Stratton on Tuesday. On Monday above mid-mountain it was fogged in. The snow above mid-mountain was good, packed and firm, very good carving. Below that the temps were too high and the snow got very wet and packy -danger danger. Okemo had the Timberline lift shutdown and the Southside quad shutdown, which made it a pain to get around the mountain. It forced everyone to drop to the bottom of the mountain to get from one side to the other.

Stratton on Tuesday was very good above mid-mountain. You could do no wrong - just fall over and carve. Again below mid-mountain it was mashed potatos. Beautiful day though a bit warm for my liking. In general, I think the snow was better at Statton.

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