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Burton Automat Race Plates Step-In


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I've never had a problem with accidental release...as long as you have the toe & heel bail mounts spaced so that there is some tension when you step down, and you have to use a firm kick down once you get the toe & heel aligned in the bails. Wouldn't be good for powder though...boots need to be pretty clear to get a good engagement. You can feel when they snap into place, and as long as you feel/hear that, they won't come loose with proper setup. I've been using them on my Silberpfeil, and doing some really tight turns with the board up on edge.

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I just want to give a bump on these bindings. They're a good alternative to stepins that require a new heel. The action is nice getting them on. You can feel the lever on the back of your boot and then you're off. The only problem I noticed on them is they increase the heel profile a bit. I needed to crank up another couple degrees on my rear binding to stop digging snow heelside in the softer stuff. But on anything wider than a 19.5cm waist I'm sure I wouldn't have a problem.

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How large a boot are we talking? I bet they would...quite a bit of adjustment. In the photo, the rear bail mounts are where they were when I rode them, and can still come back about 11mm. The toe bail mounts I moved forward for the photo...they were actually over the disk so a lot more adjustment there. I'm a 26 shell size, so 285mm sole. Of course you want a little room to get the boot centered, too. I can get a better measurement if needed.

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These aren't the cheaper Carrier version. These are the rare Race version Automats.

Excellent condition. Both return springs on heel bails work great.

Choose EITHER 3D or 4X4 disks. Mounting hardware included.

$125 shipped to lower 48

#3 in the order to buy - thx

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