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Raichle 325's - MP 27 - Deeluxe liner - $225.00


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I'll do 185.00 and ship them UPS ground. They'll probably arrive in 2 days same as USPS. Trying to avoid the trip to the post office. I'm travelling soon and time is constrained. Will that work 4 u?

Perfect!!! I just would like to have 'em by the weekend since we'll be out snowboarding next week and really can't stand the current liners...

Is Paypal payment fine? Send me a request for munny at lucapaindelli@gmail.com and will pay right away so you can have them my way ASAP.......


Stupid question, I know: size 27, right?

Oh, btw, if you use UPS, don't do signature confirmation or any of that: I'm not home during the day and they normally drop off stuff on my porch, but if you do sig conf I'll have to take time off to go and pick 'em up....

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Shipment set up. Look for UPS tracking number. Looks like they'll arrive to you on Wednesday. Get the liners cooked before you use them to conform to your fit. Make sure it's with a shop that knows how to bake them. The baking process is a little uncomfortable but well worth it. Use thin ski socks. no more thick, bulky socks that bunch up. If you've never had these you'll never go back to regular liners. No need for even a footbed. They rock.

Gracias Luca and enjoy them.


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Make sure it's with a shop that knows how to bake them.

That's what the problem will be... I've found one up in Studio City (LA) - http://www.skinetsports.com/index.html - and I'm probably gonna set up an appointment with them for Saturday while on my way to June Mtn...

Would you suggest is a big no-no to DIY?

Anyway... UPS said they should be in tomorrow... Thanks again for the prompt shipping and I hope to see you up at Summit sometimes....

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hey zeta tre i saw that you hadn't really found anybody to help with your liner cookin. just thought i would let you know that at "dicks sporting goods" in oceanside what was formally called "chicks" there was a ski tech that goes by cam. im not exactly sure if he's still there but he knows a ton about teching boards and they can also cook your liners. i used to work with him and whenever im home in fallbrook i take my boards to him. just thought it might help.

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Thanks for the tip!!!

I was looking at some Intuition liners before buying these boots, but I couldn't find the available anywhere. Through the Intuition website I've learned about Sky Net Sports, up in Studio City which is one of theirs resellers here in SoCal. I called them to check, but they didn't have them in a 27 nor their distributor does: that's why I bought these boots, primarily because of the liner. I'm gonna drop by today on my way to June Mtn. I did some research on the internet and found they're actually well known and recommended on several websites.

Btw, Ed, the seller, is a very cool guy... Great seller!!! Thanks so much.

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