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Burton Ultra Prime 168


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A good rock board or beginner board.

Topsheet has a crack right behind the rear binding, about 3" long. Just behind and to the side of that is a topsheet bubble, oval shaped, about 2.5" long, 1.5" wide, and 1/16" high. If you look at the photo on the right side toward the rear, a former owner did some epoxy repairs along the corner where the top meets the sidewall. These repairs are kind of bumpy, and then he used some black permanent marker to cover them.

Base has a number of small scratches and micro scratches, but overall decent shape. Nothing deep and no large gouges in the edges. Edges could use a good filing and base could use some wax.

That being said, I rode the board for 2 seasons and the topsheet crack did not progress any further, and the topsheet issues didn't seem to affect the performance of the board. I haven't ridden it in a couple years. Was going to be my rock board, but nominated another one instead. I was going to drill a small hole in the topsheet, inject it with epoxy, and clamp it down really good, but never got around to it.

$70 shipped to lower 48




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I just bought some boots off of Jetskier, and I have to give him an endorsement. His description was really honest and the boots were in better shape than I expected. If I needed a board, I wouldn't hesitate to look at this one.

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well, I'm new to carving so I'm looking for something cheaper to get me started. How much would this be to ship out to Philadelphia? Also is there any chance you have a set of bindings you want to sell?

If you look carefully above, the price I have quoted is with shipping included. If you pay with PayPal, I'd simply ask for about another $5 to cover the cost of the fees, since the price is pretty low to start.

Sorry, don't have any bindings for sale...sold off 3 pair 1-2 weeks ago.

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Not sure exactly what you mean by "rip". It's probably in the middle. It has a 12m side cut radius and 148cm running length, so a little more 'turny' than some race boards, but definitely less 'turny' than some small side cut carving boards. How tall are you? Weight?

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