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Quali PGS Olympics ladies


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Verry dissappointing results from Canuck girls... Ah, well...

Well done to the Flatlander girl! After Alexa was out, we cheered for her, as Roy is half Dutch. I'm glad for the Russian youngster too, being of Slavic origin myself.

Perfect scenario in builders' podiums: Kessler, Oxess, SG. No total domination by any brand. It was nice to see few Apex and Black Pearls in the use, too.

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Yes, what plate was that?

Is it GERAB / APEX Plate?

February 27, 2010 PACIFIC TIME

10:00 - Snowboard - Men's PGS Qualification

12:15 - Snowboard - Men's PGS 1/8 Finals

12:51 - Snowboard - Men's PGS Quarterfinals

13:09 - Snowboard - Men's PGS Semifinals

Medal Event

13:31 - Snowboard - Men's Parallel Giant Slalom Finals



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Kate rulez the ride, yes -- it's her 1st world cup standing - and OLYMPIC silver!! 2Hans: and yes, Ilyukhina is from flatland too - Novosibirsk, and Klyuchi ski place (100m ravine's side is her first training slope!), so big olympic final is a flatlander's paradise ))

too pity for Alenka Zavarzina.. I very much hope to see her on podium

weather & slope is complete & utter **** in cypress

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Wether and snow conditions at Cypress, for the entire Olympics, total crap, I agree.

However, the slope is rather good. You can't see it much on TV, but it has great variations of pitch, general slope direction (winding), rollers, etc. Way more interesting then lots of straigth uniform pitch slopes I've seen. With good snow and visibillity it would have been a stellar race.

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Congrats, is she going to retired after this?

Do you know which kind of plates she used? Looks as if in "X" shape or "H" and it's oranje (orange):rolleyes:

Anyone, maybe..



In any case Nicolien will make it to the worldchampionships in 2011.

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