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F2 Roadster 166 / F2 Freecarve Bindings


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F2s All-Mountain board. Very used. Edges are still good, Base has multiple scratches and gouges from lots of early and late season riding. Nothing heinous just lots of little ones especially near the edges. A good base grind should clean most of them up. Had 1 small core shot that was professionally repaired about 5 years ago. The repair is still fine after 50 or so days of riding on it. $40+ Shipping

F2 Freeecarve bindings. F2's entry-level hardboot bindings, good useable condition. No Cants or Lifts. $40 + Shipping.

Board and Bindings $75 + shipping


Size 166

Waist Width 22.0

Sidecut radius 9.0

Target Weight 70+kg


45° Suspensioncap

Triaxial laminates

F-1000 graphite Base

Twin torsion core

Fathead edge

EURO 300. - | DM 599, -

Bdg Freecarve or connection Intec Challange


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You don't have email turned on. I'm interested in the F2 Roadster. Do you have photos of the base? How much camber is there? Could you email me through BOL so I can give you shipping address for a shipping quote? I can pay via paypal right away if shipping isn't too bad.

Edit: well, now it says you do have emil so I'm sending one...

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bouzeux, I haven't heard back from you and i see now that's because my responses have been going to Fin and not you -DOH!. Shipping is $20. Email me directly at b dot lamar at ca.rr.com if you're still interested. Cheers!

PS: 2stroke you're on deck.

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I'll take both if still availabll.

Ship to zip is 83353

Let me know how much, can paypal, bank transfer, check, you name it!


bouzeux, Dude, no contact fior a week?! 2Stroke you're up. If you're local you can try it anytime to make sure it's what you want.

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