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Poll: How many boards


How many boards do you have?  

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  1. 1. How many boards do you have?

    • 0 - and don't intend to buy any
    • 0 - but intend to buy some
    • 1 board
    • 2 boards
    • 3-4 boards
    • 5-6 boards
    • 7-9 boards
    • 10-19 boards
    • 20 + boards

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my name is noah...and I too am a quiverous maximaholic...

do I count my skis as 1 board or two?

I assume soft boards count?

what about the teleboard? too thin to be a board, to fat to be a ski...and telemark bindingd to boot?

Somedays I even like to slide down the hill in Tyvek suit...

Cant wait for snow...

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I own a lot of boards, because I'm old and I've been doing this long enough. On the other hand I carry only two boards... any more wouldn't really be practical to drag around the world.

Oh yeah, that's one board for the piste, one for powder. The piste board also works fine in resort powder on all but epic days, but it sinks in the real stuff.

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and I need a board lust support group(QMD wanna be) I want a rad air tanker 200, an Axis 169, a Proton 185 really bad, a Prior swallowtail pow board, a new splitboard, etc. etc. Oh yeah, a couple sets of Bomber bindings too! (current quiver is 2 boards thick, split board and R/T 173)

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Guest Marilyn Cambers


You're not alone ~ I have one board and I'm excited about using it. I am a one-board woman! And, I respect that in a man too!

Ya see a man with many boards has to be very careful cuz QMD can be painful!:(

Marilyn ;)

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Guest woodman

I've only been hard-bootin' for 2 seasons but I've got 4, two of which I don't use (my 162 burner's on e-bay right now for sale and I can't bring myself to part with my Wild Duck Aysm....) but I can't seem to control myself when I see a new or different one I want!!! Good thing this only pertains to boards and not women.....I'm still in pursuit of a 167cm Burner to add to the collection. I just remind my wife when she gives me grief about my quiver that I could always go back to carving turns on the asphalt!!!

Good carving,


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I feel your pain Jack. I too, only ride one board, although I do have a few old ones which have developed a little too much "character" over the years. I just can't get rid of them. Though, I do crave boards like that ugly little bastard in "The Lord of the Ring". Preeecccious Doneks, must have Burner, Madd will be mine...back to the twelve step program.

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Guest Pre School Rider

If you could count how many boards I've had...I honestly don't know,but in the last 17 years(of the 26 I've been riding,30 years if you count Snurfer and the like),I have had no less than 9 boards(that was when I 'retired' from racing in '87),and often more than 20 in the active quiver,with a few decks gathering dust on the side. Yup,I'm beyond ANY 12-step program by a long shot.Hey,where'd I leave that beer??

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Anyone have more than one of the same model? I've got 2 Burner 197's , one pink & one blue. If I'm wearing my neon pink/green powdersuit, I'll ride the pink one. Kinda like Liberace meets Elton John laying down carves. Is there a support group for fashion faux paus?My wife thinks I'm just insecure and need to be noticed.Maybe I'll go back to blue jeans and a filthy SKI Doo jacket.:confused:

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