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WANTED: Any good beginner equipment

Guest CrazyKvn

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Guest CrazyKvn

I'm new to the hardbooting scene, I need some good begginer equipment for an affordable price. Board, boots, bindings, everything. I'm 5'8" and 140 lbs, so looking for a board around 160. Boots around a US size 10... Not sure of the Mondo size, any links/help/info/pointers would be great!!!

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I've got a pair of Raichle 413s that didn't quite fit my wife (we went to 24s).

They've been used one run (not joking) so they are basically brand new. I put on brand new toe and heel pads, so they really look unused.

$125 shipped in the USA.

I'll make the following modifications for free if you like.

-Drill out and epoxy the cant adjusters. These might strip under an aggressive rider (or even a not so aggressive rider), so the common fix is to glue them in place. The process is a major pain in the a$$ (ask Ken Lao, aka kjl), but I've done it enough times that I've got it down.

-Replace the single position "drink and drive" (walk/ride) lever with the 5 position adjustable version.

I know these are only $150 at the Bomber store, but the upgrades would cost about $30 and my fixing the cants will save you major frustration down the road.


andersen (at) yahoo (dot) com

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<table bgcolor="#0000FF" bordercolor="#00FF00" bordercolordark="#000000" cellpadding="12" cellspacing="04" width="800">

<tr><td><font size="+2" color="#FFFF00">Burton Factory Prime 5.7 200s

<UL><LI>Length 157 cm</LI>

<LI>Waist Width 20 cm</LI>

<LI>Sidecut Radius 8.7 m</LI>



<tr><td><img src="http://tinypic.com/jzdas"></td><tr></tr>

<td><font size="+2" color="#FFFF00">This slalom board is snappy and responsive, yet a good beginner board. The short length makes it light (less swing weight) and very maneuverable. Its fairly wide waist width allows you to ride with lower stance angles, which many beginners find helpful. The 8.7 meter sidecut radius is happiest blasting short arcs--particularly useful if you ride steep, narrow trails or carve on more crowded slopes.</font> </td>


<tr><td><img src="http://tinypic.com/jzddl"></td><tr><td><font size="+2" color="#FFFF00">It has been down the hill a few times (about 35-40 days of athletic riding on it) and shows scuffs and some small dings on topsheet. Base and edges are clean, sharp, and in good repair. <p></p>You'll learn quickly and easily, and will quickly progress to ripping exciting, high performance arcs on it.<p></p>

$50 plus shipping.</font></td></tr>




Colorado Medical Marijuana Dispensary

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