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BOOTS: Raichle SB 324 Lemonds


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These are 295mm or I would estimate a size 10 medium. I wear a 9.5 wide. These were wide enough for me but a bit too long. I've gone down one size and then paid a ski shop to widen them out. They might have the heat moldable liners. I'm not sure. Never messed with it. Maybe some one can tell me what to look for.

I can sell them with or without the intec heels. Price is $100 plus $20 for each intec heel you may want. Heels were used for two seasons which for me is about 20 times. I oiled them regularily. If you just want the boots, I'll keep the intecs which is fine with me. I'll put on the regular heel pads. Shipping will be $20.




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Gee, I am thoughtfull enough to sell the boots with the regular heels, one intec heel or two intec heels and you call me "sheitsy"? Pretty strong language. Sorry if my approach somehow offended you. I don't know where you are going to buy one intec heel for $20? $100 for a nice pair of used boots seems fair. Maybe I should just go to Ebay like so many carvers do?

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Hey --- I know I'm new to this forum...but since I've been doin' this since 1992 (Burton Rails on a 1990 M6 anyone ???? Still ride it sometimes....)-- I can assure you that pretty much every hardbooter I've met has only one heel -- since we don't usually get the benefit of the gondola limo to the top....half the time I'm thrilled to get a high speed quad !!

(and forget my rants against the Lowell Thomas Chair....)

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im just saying, why sells ONE intec heel?? how many people have ONE intec binding??? come on..

i have no interest, not even my size.

Err..This is a very popular thing to do. If one starts out with standards, and later buys stepins, both boards can be run with a stepin rear.

I've also heard of people buying intec heels and splitting them for such a setup.

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Yea, that's what we do out here too. Rear boot is Intec allowing us to set up two boards. Bruce at Coiler is even retailing one new Intec when we buy a new board with new bindings.

OK. Rydeguy has first dibs on the boots. He hasn't told me yet which combo he wants regarding the Intecs. I'll let everyone know if they are sold or not.

Thanks all.


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