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Instruction at Okemo?


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Allow me to introduce myself. I have been softboot riding for about 8 yrs and recently got the crave to carve.

I will be at okemo, vt this weekend Sat and Sun 2/27-2/28 and looking for help.

I usually go to windham or hunter during the week to practice, but it seems I am lacking consistency with my links. I had a quick lesson at hunter 3 weeks ago by a guy named Rob Poli, unfortunately I cant remember everything he said.

I've read all tech articles on this site and watched the videos, but it seems to get lost when I get to the top of the hill. Sometimes it all feels right, sometimes its all gone. I need someone to watch and tell me what I'm doing wrong.

Oh, I am riding a softboot Donek Razor 164 which I had a "heard on the liftline" moment

Liftie: Dude..That board is SICK!!

Me: Thanks. If I only knew how to ride it!

Thank you,


PS. Although I tried extremely hard, my schedule wont allow to to attend the ECES which is what I tried to do

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If you ride at hunter, you should absolutely seek out Ron Maita "the carvefather" for some instruction. He can carve his way out of a steel trap, and is an enthusiastic teacher.

Also - you might try and hook up with some other carvers at BMES:


Otherwise: I live in NYC and would be happy to try and help you out at some point on the weekend.

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No buggs, not everybody knows him. *sighs* :D

Hello Ken,

I usually go to Okemo during midweek to avoid the crowds. I would be very happy to give some pointers. I am planning some VT trips in March.

I no longer go to Hunter or Windham; however if you ever go to Belleayre mountain midweek, shoot me an email and I will try to meet you.

I am planning to go the ECES this year, weather permitting. Are you going to this event? You can get a lot of help from many of the carvers.

If you ever meet Ronski :smashfrea "the well known knucklehead dragon freak" at Hunter, tell him I said hello. I taught that guy everything he knows...in carving, that is. :rolleyes:


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Thanks for the offers,

Actually I have met Ron the Carvefather and he did offer to ride with me. However, my schedule has been hectic and I haven't been able meet up with him.

My situation is this:

I'll be at Okemo this weekend with a group of skiers/skidding riders and I will be alone in trying to learn my carving. I am just looking for someone for this weekend only so I wont have to flounder the entire 2 days.

My plan is to go upstate NY (have friends condo in Jewett near hunter/windham) on thurs pm and maybe ride on fri at hunter and drive to okemo fri afternoon.

This is all subject to change as I just looked at the weather it's looking like 20-30 inches of fresh snow by sat am!!

I appreciate the offer to ride with you guys and would love to take you up on it. thanks!! I'm headed to Park City on 3/10 for a week so my time upstate is limited until then.

If all else fails.. I might just have to suck it up and cash in a sick day and go to the ECES on monday at stratton!

Thank you very much,


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Ken the ECES is the best bang for you buck to get some instructions and equipment help. Check out the ECES Schedule to figure out what day is the best to attend.

If you are interested in lessons and demos I'd try to make it on Thursday or Friday. If you plan on attending the banquet you'll need to pay by this Friday.

Also if you can't make the eces hit up Erik Brammer aka PSR on www.freecarve.com for lessons tell him I sent you. He is and active poster on that site.

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If all else fails.. I might just have to suck it up and cash in a sick day and go to the ECES on monday at stratton!

Do it - the best way to improve your carving is to ride with other people who can help and show you how it is done. One day learning at one of the sessions can teach you more than learn in an entire season of floundering on your own, no joke.

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