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what is a coiler style of riding?

west carven

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howdy all

so what is a coiler style of riding? i've notice his inserts are pretty far

back than what i think would work. some say its because of the taper.

most dont say anything about it and are happy with what they get.

is it a lean forward stlye? is it the right flex that a custom board offers?

just asking so when i order mine i know what to ask for...

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Call Bruce, He knows the ingredients to the magic juice. Simply tell him what size of turn you like, how much speed you want checked in the turn (if any), and the type of conditions you most often ride.

His inserts are exactly where they should be. Let him know what stance width you normally ride and that should be the center set of inserts on your new board. Moving forward and backwards will help you find the boards "Sweet Spot". On my NSR I like being 2 cm forward, on my MRC I like centered on the inserts.

He seems to always gets it right. Every Coiler that I have ridden, fits a niche. Some of his boards fit much bigger niches than others.

Having ridden the Big and ridden with you.... I would go, MRC (Montucky RaceCarve), VSR or Schtubby. Chat with Johnasmo too. He has demoed a lot of Coilers too.

Any one you get you will absolutely love!!

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dreadman is right on. most coilers I end up close to the middle, if they were built for me anyway.

some of the new boards do have really long noses. not just coilers either, kesslers and others are like this as well.

I've noticed on the newer generations of boards I do less weight shifting. my old coiler AM for example I might be way over the front driving a turn and way in the back in the next turn but my stubby and metal prior not so much like that, way more centered

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After owning Coilers for a pretty long time now..

I have Bruce move my insert pack up!! up! up!! I usually ride them with a centered stance.. equal both in nose and back, if not its real close to it.. its just that I don't have to drive the nose anymore.. just lean it side to side and it sticks like glue, plus the added tail has saved me many times.. The only board I don't ride like that would be a stock board or BX..since I want a bit of nose,, but even that Im starting to change..

Bruce just says Im all messed up anyway..but does move them up on my boards regardless..

I had a few people demo my boards, and they seemed to like it..

so its not all cut and dry.. I just don't want this long thing out there floppin,, for everyone to see..:eek::lol:


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