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snowboarding gloves


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They have a 1.5'' wide wrist band (http://www.ziener.de). I am in contact with the Canadian distributor and wait for them to get back to me with a list of shops, hopefully. I am also waiting for Ziener themselves to get back to me. I bought my last pair somewhere outside Munich, maybe 10 years ago and lasted until last season.

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Which model is that Pokkis? I'm also a Level fan using previous Super Pipe Pro models.

And agree, the wrist velcro is a mess, but you don't necessarily have to cut 'em off. :smashfrea

After adding a few layers of Sikaflex on the palm and also on the bottom of the part that covers the forearm, the collection of snow ceases.

Also, the wrist velcro keeps the wrist guard in place and provides some further protection against wrist injuries.

My $.02

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there were some former models were there was a wristhandprotection on the outside of the glove. Those aren't made anymore.

Just bought two pairs of Levels through ebay with the rubber handpalm. Destroyed two pair of gloves in one day on the glacier of Saas Fee last summer. Now it's time to use that poisoned Sikaflex :eek:

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