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Donek Sabre or Razor?


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Riding for 20+ yrs. Want to use soft boots. I have narrowed it down to these two boards. I won't be on this board in pow only on groomers. I have never owned a board this stiff. I have been riding a Burton Omen 170 and loving it. 6' 175lbs looking at 176 Razor with Cateks or a Sabre. Don't know the sizing on the Sabres. Any input would be appreciated.

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I rode the sabre @ SES. I gently tried it with plates and also womped on it with soft boots bindings. I found it was hard to get the board to respond anything shorter than the sidecut wanted to allow in softboots unless I was cruising at more than 30 MPH, but then again, I'm a 150# guy and don't have the weight to make it react so I rely on muscle strength in correlation to the sidecut. It is indeed stiff.

If you want to put plates on it for hard boots, be sure to ask for heavier duty construction to handle the insert loads.

I liked it with plates, and can definately say you will need sturdy boots and bindings for it if you ride softies.


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I need to speak up to avoid a wrong impression of the Sabre. No disrespect Dave. It is capable of plate bindings even though that it not what it was designed for. The Sabre is a high performance soft-boot board which is user friendly and makes a variety of turn shapes. I am a lightweight also and have logged many miles on many Sabres throughout developement including a wide model spec'd for one of my Worldcup riders who weighs in at close to 200 lbs. and have no problem making any turn shape regardless of speed. I also have some of my female racers on it with absolutely no issues. Again, no disrespect Dave, you are an experienced rider but my experience and that of several of my riders is different. The Sabre has proven itself from the Worldcup on down on the SBX course, and is also a ripping all-mountain freeride board -M

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Snowcoach, no worries at all, and none taken. We all have different experiences with boards. The best thing people can do is share, and thats what its all about ! :biggthump WHat works for some does not work for all, as it was obvious with the demo tent @ SES with rider feedback on all the different ones people had out and different results.

I talked to Sean at length about the Saber and it is indeed a great board, just not the board for me ;). I'm sure with a bit more time on it (more than 3 hours demo in 3 different setups) I would warm up to it a bit more. I was definatley intrigued by the wider version as I ride large boots and can't get angles under 30 without toedrag or booting out. The 10.5 SCR felt a bit "long" to me (more like a 13 scr) but I attribute it to my lack of unfamiliarity with the board, mountian turrain, and how it wanted to ride @ Snowmass in the early morning of foggy frozen groom and crud. I just felt it was a bit stiffer than I liked for softbooting (personal preferance) in relation to the SCR. I presently am in love with my K2 Podium and it will be tough to replace as my "go-to" board for racing as a comfort level.



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