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Tiger woods Beat down? jokes


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I mean they are really cutting him down!!! FIRE FIRE

NEWS FLASH! Tiger after the divorce is suffering from wood rot!

Now we know he is only playing with his putter as his wife wrecked his 2-wood!!!

So if they treat the wood rot do they use Thompson Water Seal?

I mean he’s warped already, isn't warped wood worthless...?

However, doesn't treated wood turn green? Hmm… we will have to ask the wife on that one!

If wood is sold by the foot what do they get for 2 inches=

About $50 million!

Unless you have a pretty smile then you are allowed to touch/rent for a time

FACT: Wood with a knot in it is a weaker wood and can split , thou if polished, stained and sanded can be used for creative purposes,

News Flash: The wood is split and Tigers gets nailed…yet they somehow end up back together…Wierd…

New song Hammer time!,, No, wait, that one has been used and thrown away.

I mean if the wood is infested should we just keep cutting down the junk wood?

I mean he is getting burned anyway, bring new meaning to the word BONFIRE!


I wonder what his new car will be a? A VW beetle...Tiger Beetle?

Might scare the heck out of the Coloradans, being they are so attached to the wood. Hmm… bunch of tree huggers! I mean if she has a good lawyer it could just end up with a beat up dried out old woody.

Hippy dude says "Hey Tiger don't hate the trees man - hug em! Oh wait… nevermind"

Apparently the best method for cutting down wood is still a chainsaw, not a golf club or a Cadillac Escalade.

I mean look, I know i am just a hack but hey hack and slash works in the rainforest or the woods....

Hmm I guess Tiger will be back on the courses… nose filled with freshly mowed lawns, well the ones on the golf courses anyway

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