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parking in BV and vail


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While finding free parking takes a little effort, it is certainly possible to avoid the Town of Vail Parking Structures and their $25/day fee. http://www.vailgov.com/subpage.asp?page_id=572

I haven't found the free town shuttle to be inconvenient (15 minutes between shuttles in East Vail, for example). Parking tips and bus schedules can be found here:


Map of some parking options, incouding free lots:


<img src="http://i49.tinypic.com/2poayd0.jpg" border="0" alt="Jeff Patterson, Champagne Glade, Vail, CO">

Fresh powder and good skiing this week, and more is forecast in the Central Mountains. Look forward to an excellent trip.



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Ernie, Ski Cooper may be worth checking out & there is a $10 off weekday offer within the above link. might be helpful to call the day before to find out what the plan to groom for the next day. A friend went there a few weeks ago and they had groomed just one green run so he decided to try some other day. If Summit is too crowded on the weekend then take a drive over to B'Milk.

Ride safe!

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Ya, I avoid Vail like the plague. If it's not the expensive parking, it's waiting in lines even on weekdays for everything. Even to take a pee. Even Aspen and Telluride provide convenient and free parking. Beaver Creek rocks!

Arapahoe Basin still has close-in free parking ... you can see the lifts from your car.

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easy. free.

before you climb up that big hill to get to bcreek,

take a right on that last roundabout. sorry to be

so vague; i don't know the street names

what you want is Bear Lot, which is big and on

the left at the light. it's free.

you take a bus up to the centennial lift. they come

often. when you are done riding, you can locate a

trail called "leave the beav" which is next to the ritz.

it will get you back close to the Bear lot again.

beaver creek can often have superb carving.

highly recommended

good luck

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