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Cable Carving??


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we have a cable ski wake park here near BKK< actually, there are several around. FOr wakeboarding it isn't bad, if a bit dull going round and round. coming from an alpine board, it is absolutely easy to ride around; if it was set up on snow with a much larger area, there is not reason why you couldn't ride around holding the handle like a wakeboard on nice smooth snow; it really would be more fun on a freestyle board, but with a nice long saggy cable, then it would work; I am not sure what speed we have the cable set at here, but I've ridden a monoski waterski there, and it is fairly easy.

The corners are quite fun, you get some decent G force around them.

Just needs a bit of ingenuity, a tractor engine and a nice long cable hanging down, then you could sell rides to people. Would get a bit chewed up, but prboably not bad for the midwest/Packers fans types who live in flatlands and have nothing to do.

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