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Had a computer buy the farm last week during a power surge, lost some early photos of the kids. While I store and back up most of my photos with external HD's and now beginning to burn the most important ones to disc, I am also looking to dump a large portion to them to a web-based photo service thats free

What do you folks suggest and offer a couple pointers why you might like a service. Snapfish, Photobucket, etc


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I'll post my typical "nothing is free" message. Facebook spends a $1MM a week on power, so it's just a matter of time as the Ads aren't paying the bills...

That all said, I'm using a Home Server for both back-up and photo sharing. It's like having your own SnapFish.

If you're looking for cheap/free storage, I'd recommend Live Services SkyDrive. I pay $19/year to have ad-free environment.

I'll let the other chime in regarding photo specific services....but make sure you understand the 1st line before you start uploading TBs of data.

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