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The Canyons


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Going with family to the Canyons, UT at the end of this month. The rest of my family skis, and my cousin said that sometimes the Canyons can have a lot of flat areas that would suck for snowboarding. Any tips on some good trails or things to avoid? Thanks. :)

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I've been there a bunch for week trips. The biggest problem I felt was the Dream peak. If you look a the map you'll notice the peak is isolated the the only way to get out is through the cat tracks that wind through the multi-million dollar homes. The cats are pretty fast, but you can't really do much more than ride flat back to the payday lift. There are some good runs over there so it's worth checking out.

The run "cloud 9" is pretty nice blue run. It doesn't seem to get much traffic because of the way the it comes off "sidewinder". You almost don't even know it's there unless you stay way boarder's right on the trail, which is why it seems to get less traffic. Good for making some nice turns.

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I like Doc's run for carving. Because it's the run back to the base, it doesn't get much traffic in the mornings, though it is prone to being a bit soft when the weather gets warm. It runs on top of a ridge (like a few others at the Canyons), so is quite exciting to be headed for the edge between each turn.


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