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Carvers I need help


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Hey carvers I need some advice on stance anles and width dimensions. This is my first season on my new prior atv with td3 bindings and deelux boots I've been to the mountain only a couple times so ;m still learning this new technique of turning. My problem is that on my heelside I skid out and having a hard time making the transition to my toeside edge. My board is a 161 I'm 5'6" 170lbs is this board too short for me cause it feels really stiff to me right now. Also if there is anybody here from Calgary who could maybe come with me to the hill to give a few tips that would be awesome. Thanks

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Really hard to help without seeing the current situation. Stance 18 1/2 to 19 1/2 whatever feels good, angles set so the boots are not protruding over the edges. Really this is more about technique (which will come with practice) than equipment settings. sounds like you're riding too far back and also pushing the tail with your back foot. All is just conjecture without actually seeing it. Check with big Canuck, I think he's in your area. good luck.

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If you haven't looked at the article below do so, and also part two.

My biggest problem with heelsides was 1/slow on initiation, and then 2/too much weight on my front foot, and not shifting to a balanced position with equal weighting after the turn was well started. This was causing the back of the board to wash out. Of course, this may not be your problem.:freak3:


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