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Kessler 171 Custom Wide and Kessler Risers


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Kessler Freecarving board

Nose: 28cm

Waist: 22.5cm

Tail: 27cm

Approx Sidecut: 12.5m

Stance range: 43cm-51cm

Built for 75kg(165lbs) rider

Great condition, used 8 days. No edge or topsheet damage other that slight transportation/usage marks on metal topsheet. Base has slight dimples in binding areas.

$750, shipping $40 - UPS Ground in the continental US

Kessler Riser Plates

Special width for this board. Plates themselves are 21.5cm wide and fit anything 22.5 and wider. Provide 20mm of lift.

$150, shipping $15 - UPS Ground in the continental US



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Board move to Vancouver (not to me), thn I wanted to take over (I did tested with raiser http://www.bomberonline.com/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=31521&page=3 ) but found out I have too much beer for that board without raisers and now is spoken for and will be reside in Sapporo, Japan. But this week it will play for a few days at here Cypress.

Welcome to join us this week, check Cypress Diaries or email me direct


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