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Snow Summit 2/14 (V-Day boycott anyone)?


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Luckily for me, the girlie is boycotting V-Day.

Anyone going to be on the slopes tomorrow? Yeah, I know, blackout day, but I can't resist with how nice the mountains look, that and my new job/lack of vacation days makes it almost impossible to go up on the weekdays this season. Gotta make the most of the short season...

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Though it might seem like it, it wasn't a solo day. I saw Kerry and Laurie up there for the first time this season.

Also saw Mike and Jenny too.

Anyway, if you two are reading, it was nice making turns with you guys. Conditions were awesome, and crowd was actually pretty decent and very managable on chair10.

Aaron, the evaluation is done for now. I just need an icy day, but I'm about 90%+ sure we have a future trade to negotiate ;)

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Was good to see you too. You were really looking good on that board!

Too bad my knee was too tweaked for carving, the conditions were really great. I ended up re-tweaking it just a bit after lunch - so we called it quits a little earlier than we wanted to. Should be OK for this weekend though:biggthump

Nice to meet Kerry as well (didn't meet Laurie, but we saw her with him on the slopes).

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