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Return of the 3 strap binding?


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No, not really, HOWEVER, this is a very similar concept brought to you by the brilliant minds of Deeluxe. A hand full of models from their soft boot line offer the "back track" feature which allows you to attatch your liner to the highback and in combination with the power strap offer a stiffer, more performance oriented boot. It's not a 3 strap binding, but you have to admit the concept is very similar.


Modern design for modern riding...

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That's where the "No, not really" part comes in. I was just using the title to draw attention. It does begin to bring up imagery when you start talking about "attaching" and "straps" around that part of the leg. No, this is not a binding I know, but perhaps the 3 strap binding was the inspiration for these ideas:eek:.

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