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Sun Peaks

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  • 3 weeks later...

There were a couple hardbooters there. Talked to one patroller who said he gets out on a 192 Tanker. Sean Cassidy from Snowperformance has a condo there and was out same week I was, so we rode together quite a bit. Saw a guy passing by on some kind of freeride setup with plates too. And of course the whole Austrian team was there that week prepping for the Olympics, digging trenches suitable for burying any bodies you might have lying about.

I hope to get back, I had a lot of fun, great hill.

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I will be at the bottom of the sunburst chair at 11:00. red coat grey helmet

I will be on the bottom part of the 5 mile most of the day, unless I get it right away.

I will be in a black jacket, yellow pants, and mirror goggles. I will be the one on his ass in the hard boots looking ridiculous.

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It went good and it was nice to meet you. We rode until 1:30. Right until I could feel my front thigh anymore.

I was getting the hang of the backside carves a bit better, but it was really busy and I didn't want to get hit crossing the easy runs.

My feet felt good, even with not being in hard boots for over 15 years. They are a bit narrow, so I think that the UPZ boots might be a better fit next year:eplus2:

I swapped the bindings over to my freeride board to give that a shot on Saturday. If it doesn't work well, I will swap back to the other in the parking lot.

Overall, it was really fun and I am sore everywhere, so I think it is working:biggthump I am pretty sure I am hooked....this is going to get expensive...again.

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  • 4 weeks later...

i suggest silverstar mtn, Vernon BC in late jan, early feb. i do a race week there every year and the groomers are wide open and never crowded. i was going to do an extra week or 2 there on top of my week racing. i know 2 carvers that call SS their home.

If you're into gates they hold the "Over the Hill" race every year around the first week in feb.

the 2010 OTH was canceled due to the olympics but should be back for 2011.

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