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No really, I bought it for the articles


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At the Toronto Ski, Snowboard and Travel Show last week, I saw the ultimate fashion-over-form snowboard. It's a "Jenna Jameson Autograph Model" from Sims. I know Jenna Jameson is a pro but I had no idea she was a snowboarder.

I thought "nobody in their right mind would buy that board". Then I saw two guys walking around with one under their arms.

Warning, link is not work or family friendly: http://www.ainews.com/Archives/Story6383.phtml

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Yep, she's a pro. Saw her perform during a bachelor party at the local club. Wow. :D

Marketing being marketing, this kind of marketing gimik does not surprise me. Although, I am always amazed at how two seemingly disparate entities can work together for mutual benefit; profit in this case.

Not that using sex to sell products is new ... Pirelli tyres does this on an annual basis:

Yep, I see the connection between women and tyres. I suddenly need to go out and buy some tyres!

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I can understand *associating* sex with products in order to sell it. I mean that concept is everywhere - beer, razors, underwear, tools. But, actually emblazoning said sex object on the otherwise unconnected product seems ridiculous. What's more ridiculous is people actually buying it!

It's as if Snap-On tools came out with a line of Pamela Anderson impact wrenches. Wait a minute, that's not a bad idea.

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